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Krupaben Thakkar

Krupaben Thakkar is an inspiring woman who has seamlessly transitioned from being a housewife to a successful businesswoman. As the promoter of Rushil Decor Ltd., she has demonstrated her practical and commercial knowledge. Her dedication to family is unwavering, effortlessly balancing her roles as a wife and mother of two teenagers. She has fostered a familial culture at her workplace, caring for her staff and their personal lives. With an unwavering faith in God and a mantra of “T R Y” (Take Risks Yourself), Krupaben overcomes challenges with intelligence and confidence. Her musical talents and devotion add another dimension to her dynamic personality. Krupaben’s life story serves as an inspiration, urging women to pursue their aspirations while maintaining respect and dignity. Her impact on society goes beyond business, exemplifying humility, compassion, and integrity.


Latest Work

Dikri Mari

દીકરી મારી લાડકવાયી

Betab Dil ki

Tere Hawaale

बड़ा नटखट है रे ,क्रिशन कन्हैया

Gujarati Song's Medley

Krupa Thakkar